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What makes us



Binary Ionization Technology (BIT)

Use of Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) developed by DARPA in the Military to kill anthrax. BIT is a cold plasma gun that produces high concentrations of hydroxyl radicals. These destroy mold cells or
pathogens while leaving no residual chemicals behind, unlike other common restoration processes


Negative Air Containment

Negative air containment using 4 and 6 mill poly with HEPA negative air machines. ULPA is proven to exceed HEPA filtration systems by trapping more micro toxins and other environmental contaminants


Full Service from Start to Finish

We do more than restoration, we are an Environmental company for complete abatement, remediation,and disposal of hazardous material, mode, fungus, asbestos, lead, viruses, and other pathogens, and disposal of these materials.


ULPA Filtration System

Proprietary bio-hazard vacuum system with ULPA filtration. This ULPA filtration system is used through
the Coanda Little Max hazardous waste vacuum with dual 6 inch intake quartz and closed cyclonic separators. This separates materials into pre-lined containers capturing 95% of debris and minimizing filter replacements. Additionally the Coanda has dual chemical oxidizing chambers, with oxidizing catalysts
to destroy volatile organic compounds and other toxins that may pass through the ULPA filter


Fentanyl Contamination

SGS uses both swab testing and direct measuring devices, along with third party analysis. SGS can
provide complete abatement and demolition, or chemical neutralization of fentanyl contamination.

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